ZIEN is located at:

2757 South 300 West Ste. F

Salt Lake City, Utah 84115

Founded in 2009, ZIEN Medical Technologies LLC was formed with the intent to better serve customers seeking to launch products. With over 30 years of medical device development experience its founding partners have extensive knowledge of how to partner with organizations to develop and launch products in the highly regulated medical device industry.

ZIEN Medical Technologies provides product development services within an ISO13485 compliant system and provides a range of contract manufacturing services. With a depth of engineering and quality systems experience Zien has the product development expertise to help realize your product.

ZIEN’s founding philosophy is to collaborate with its customers to understand the intent of the products it will be contributing too and implement proactive control measures eliminating downstream quality issues. The result is fewer false starts in product introductions for our customers and a faster time to market. The increased controls provided also result in reduced downstream maintenance for your Quality organization.

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