Events and milestones achieved by ZIEN and our valued customers:

July 2023: ZIEN Medical and Benten Creative,, enter into a partnering relationship. Benten Creative provides expertise in Regulatory, Quality, and Clinical Evaluations. ZIEN CEO Tim Nieman stated that ‘With Benten and ZIEN working side by side we are uniquely positioned to help our customers enter the global market, including being able to achieve CE mark under the new EU MDR. This partnership provides a pathway to market that in many ways wasn’t previously available to new innovative technologies.’

September 2021: ZIEN Medical Technologies and Eclipse Design Innovation enter into a merge agreement. The two entities will operate under the ZIEN name and expands the technology offering to include electromechanical, software, and firmware engineering to the existing product design, development, quality systems, and manufacturing capabilities already present.

September 2021: ZIEN adds new corporate office and manufacturing space at 2490 South 300 West, Salt Lake City, UT. This 16000ft facility is added to our existing 8000ft facility at 2757 South and adds an additional 2000ft worth of controlled environment to our 1500ft of existing manufacturing spaces.

January 2020: ZIEN and QRS Solutions ,, enter into a partnering relationship. QRS provides regulatory and quality  services in addition to sterilization expertise. This relationship provides a heightened ability to help our customers reach the market more rapidly with the contract packaging and sterilization offered by ZIEN.

November 2018: ZIEN completes Ethylene Oxide sterilization validation and begins offering contract packaging and sterilization.

June 2018: ZIEN qualifies Tyvek Pouch line for sterile packaging and begins offering packaging services.

Sept. 2016:   ZIEN completes installation of Class 10,000 cleanroom

July 2016:     Distal Access launches new RESECTR device for tissue resection with great results

Feb. 2016:    ZIEN achieves CE mark for SPINR device

Sept. 2015:   ZIEN achieves CE mark on Aspire Aspiration Syringe for Control Medical

Aug. 2015:    Veritract completes investigational study with 89% success rate in reaching small bowel

July 2015:     Merit Medical acquires the Distal Access SPINR device

June 2015:    ZIEN and partners reach acquisition agreement for steerable vascular snare

Feb. 2015:    Distal Access begins successful trials with the SPINR device helping to save limbs threatened by thrombus

Jan. 2015:     ZIEN and PenBlade launch and trial the PenBlade Safety Scalpel in Europe

Jan. 2015:     ZIEN obtains ISO 13485 Certification

Sept: 2014:   ZIEN and PenBlade launch and trial the PenBlade Safety Scalpel in the USA